• Random Night Out is relaunching with a new look and more content from bigger and better parties!

    In addition to bringing you the media and tech events we've always covered, we're branching out to include fashion, music, and entertainment events. Also be sure to check out the monthly Obliterati events sponsored by Random Night Out and Citysearch.

    Founder and photographer Nick McGlynn will continue to shoot events across the board, and we continue to look for talented photographers, videographers, and writers to help us broaden our beat.


    Random Night Out was founded by Nick McGlynn in 2006 when he was going out to lots of parties and random events.

    As the months passed, people started asking for his photos. These requests became so numerous that uploading them to an online album became the most logical response.

    As the photo requests grew, so did the number of events he attended.

    Soon the parties he covered were so random that he might end up going from a hip hop club to a fancy soiree at Ciprani's within a few hours. Nick has always been interested in experiencing and documenting nightlife, and designed the site as an easy way to share his photos with partygoers.

    He started uploading albums, and soon friends and acquaintances were leaving their cameras at home, knowing Nick had it covered.

    After working in the video department at Gawker Media, Nick developed a reputation in the media scene as being the go-to guy for event photography. Because of his rapid turn-around time in posting the albums, many of the New York media bloggerati began to regularly use his photos in their daily or weekly articles. Soon people were asking him to cover more and more events that ran the gamut of NYC culture.

    This would later help push the logical step of adding video to our vast photo network. His prior experience producing the short-lived web show "ADHD TV" helped inspire a new way to look at life after 5pm.

    Nick's playful and approachable personality, combined with his love of nightlife and passion for photography has made Random Night Out what it is today.


    Our goal is to experience as much as possible in the realm of culture. The name random comes from the seemingly endless variety of outings we cover.

    Our mission is to help viewers experience all our culture has to offer, too, whether by attending the party, or simply experiencing it through our content. We attend a myriad of events spanning the gamut of industries and subcultures!

    What makes us different from other nightlife sites is the vast range of events we cover and our rapid turnaround time.

    Expect tonight's photos tonight! In fact, often you'll have time to check the photos and still make the afterparty!

    There's no fee for us to shoot and post an album of web-sized photos, but you may purchase the album in high resolution.

    We are available for cultural events of all kinds, including book signings, cd release, web launches, etc.

    If you're interested in investing in our brand, we are always looking for new investors and partners!!